<Contemplative, Yet Delusional>, 2023
Broken antique watches/jewelry, camera, coin, glass, glass beads, paper money, pearl, plastic toy, porcelain figurine, resin, resin tooth,  rhinestones,  Swarovski crystal
15x27x20 cm.

<Trust Us: You CAN Drag Your Money Into The Grave With You>, 2023
Crystal, coin, doll eyes, paper money, plastic toy, porcelain figurine, resin, resin tooth, rhinestones, antique jewelry/watches, 15x29x25.5 cm.

<11:11 Prayer: Life Brings Me Everything I Want >, 2023
Antique jewelry/watches, artificial hair, beads, coins, crystal, doll eyes, glass figurine, paper money, porcelain, resin, resin tooth, rhinestones, stamps11.5x18x19.5 cm.

<Purrrfection (If It Fits I Sits)>, 2023
Antique watch/jewelry, cigarette butts, coins, dice, doll eyes, fake lashes, glass, memory card, paper money, pearl, plastic, porcelain figurine, rhinestones, resin, resin tooth, silicone
12x33.5x23 cm.