Chaerin Park(b.1990), Seoul, Korea

“We are the waves and the ocean at the same time.”

Chaerin Park’s work explores the interaction between the human psyche and mythic imagery. Park’s keen interest in meditation, dreams, psychoanalysis and mythology allows her to investigate everyday experiences of reality with a fresh perspective. Manipulating various layers of both abstract and figurative elements, Park visualizes the diverse landscape of the collective human psyche. Through an intuitive process of using spontaneous brushstrokes and harvesting images in a dream-like state, the artist gently unravels the subconscious realm of the world.

solo shows

2019, <History of All>, Rainbowcube gallery
2019, <Last Night I Had A Dream About...>, Un Bon Collector

group shows

2021, <Color 2021>, CICA Museum
2021, <Circuit Seoul S#1: Circulation>, Musinsa Terrace
2020, <Scattered Relection>, Keep Your Distance
2019,  <Personal Theme Park>, White Noise
2019, <As We Speak>, Punto Blu
2014, <E-motion>, Gyeomjae Jeongseon Art Museum
2014, <Chapter 2>, Seongbuk Museum Of Art
2014 ,<Productive, Truly Productive>, Culture Station Seoul

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